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N&E Audio Branding Design

Branding Design for N&E Audio,
N&E Audio is a professional handcrafted HiFi in Hong Kong which provides unique HiFi gears and services. The founder is a mechanical engineer and Hifi music enthusiast. All products are 100% handcrafted.
N&E represents the name of founders “Nelson” and “Edison”. We merged the characters of N, E and audio waveform to create a new logo. As Handcrafted Hifi is a unique and professional services provider in Hong  Kong, we expected to present a High-end professional brand.
The inspiration for N and E audio logo is from my audio editing experience at film production school in which we have to monitor the sound waveform to adjust the levels and even the speed. That experience helped me to develop the concept at the first stage. Further, I started to do a research about sound waveform. I need a clear and professional presentation to understand the logo quickly.
The first design has nine stripes instead of 8, and thinner, It’s a bit harder to see N and E character, after client comments that I make the stroke more bold, it looks better and cleaner.
Silver A’ Design Award: