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Timing Sauce Brand Identity

“By rebranding, enhancing brand image and recognition, reorganizing market strategy and positioning.”

Timing Sauce are a start-up company in Hong Kong, the founder Lok a chef from five stared hotel kitchen, after a few years she build her own brand selling handmade sauce. Their signature sauce a chicken chili sauce and agrocybe sauce, selling product through local market Irregularly.

Design process

As the beginning Lok came to me and said she want to rebranding her brand for good, but she has no idea how to do it. After that, I stated to study the brand also get to know more about how she sell their product before etc.

At the first place, the brand name was a Timing Pasta, the first mission is change the brand name to more connectivity and uniqueness. Changing the name is a big risk for a brand but it’s a necessary.

After name was changed to Timing Sauce, it’s time to work on the brand identity like logo, packaging, sales material etc. but before we start all this we have to think about what’s the brand stand for , the first impression and what’s our target customer.


Design Direction:

Feeling happiness and delicious(Stimulate appetite). The logo used an abstraction to present the Sauce and yummy face. the goal is wanted to bring out the yummy atmosphere when you see the logo.

Packaging Design process

In the packaging design, considered  the visual extension of the brand, the use of colors will emphasize the connection with the products, such as ingredients and colors in the sauce, and also incorporate with color psychology.

When we design the color direction/themes, we also considered the first impressions about the brand, when customers saw in supermarket. as we wanted to bring out a happiness, feels energetic. through color can effects emotion and appetite.

Red: Energy; Chill, Spicy Orange: Happiness, Warmth; Turmeric Brown: Organic/Natural farming; Agrocybe, Pink: Playful; Thailand, Green: Freshness; Basil